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Anyone used Certified Gene Tool for repair?

  • 1.  Anyone used Certified Gene Tool for repair?

    Posted 08-03-2022 09:20
    Hi all,

    We have a service contract for our 2 BD instruments (LSRII and FACSAria IIu SORP) through Remi. So far when we have needed service, Remi has contracted out through BD. This time, they would like to contract out our FACSAria IIu repair - replacing an electronics board to get our ACDU and sample agitation working again - to Certified Gene Tool. Reason: if we also need an ACDU replacement, it's a lot of $$ and Certified Gene Tool can repair for less. I hadn't heard of this company before, so would be interested in anyone who has had experience with them on repairs to flow cytometers or repairs in general.

    Thanks in advance!


    Christiane Hassel
    Manager - IU-B Flow Cytometry Core Facility
    Indiana University-Bloomington
    Bloomington IN