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  • 1.  CytoFLEX LX question

    Posted 17 days ago
    Edited by Christiane Hassel 17 days ago
    Hi ABRF community,

    I'm looking for info on the CytoFLEX LX flow cytometry analyzer. Our core may have an opportunity to replace our aging LSRII instrument with a CytoFLEX LX. While I love our LSRII and it has been - and continues to be for the moment - a workhorse for our facility, I understand that at some point, parts and service may be come unavailable and/or cost prohibitive. Our LSRII has the following laser configuration: 405nm 20mW, 488nm 30mW, 561nm 150mW and 636nm 150mW, with FSC-PMT. We'd like at least the same lasers (if not more; noting that the powers may be different) and the small particle resolution.

    CytoFLEX LX users: what do you like about the instrument? Dislike? What's the ease of use? Consumable and maintenance costs? Info is much appreciated.



    Christiane Hassel
    Manager - IU-B Flow Cytometry Core Facility
    Indiana University-Bloomington
    Bloomington IN