Beverley Rabbitts


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I am the Director of Operations for the UCSC Chemical Screening Center.

The Chemical Screening Center is a shared research facility providing instrumentation and chemical collections that aid in the discovery of therapeutic agents and biomedical research tools. For more information: or Instagram: ucsc_csc.

I perform all tasks associated with running the facility:

consulting, training, and troubleshooting with users; equipment calibration and maintenance; price setting, scheduling, billing, and budgeting; negotiating quotes, purchasing, and receiving; site prep and installs; networking, marketing, and presentations; support of grant-related activities; coordinating equipment repair technicians, electricians, IT and Net Ops support staff, plumbers and HVAC technicians, etc.

I also contribute directly to particular research projects by conducting experiments in the CSC for customers. At present, this includes primarily cytological profiling.